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Every token is backed by allocated physical precious metal. Use this tool to lookup the serial number and information about your precious metal.
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VNX’s Euro and Swiss Franc Launch on Avalanche Boost Stablecoin Range
Europe's leading RWA tokenization platform, VNX, announces its partnership with Avalanche to launch VNX fiat-referencing stablecoins, VNX Euro (VEUR) and VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF), on the Avalanche C-Chain.
VNX Euro, VNX Swiss Franc and VNX Gold Now Available on Polygon: Expanding Use Cases for Stable Assets
VNX, a Liechtenstein-based company registered by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) under the Blockchain Act, has added VNX Euro (VEUR), VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF), and VNX Gold (VNXAU) to the Polygon blockchain, providing users with faster transaction times, lower fees, and improved interoperability with other DeFi protocols. VNX stablecoins cater to different needs in the digital economy, enabling users to effectively manage their investment portfolios, make cross-border transactions, hedge against volatility or integrate stable assets into dApps and digital businesses.
Burrito Wallet Launches VNX Gold, VNX Euro, and VNX Swiss Franc for South Korean Users
VNX, a Liechtenstein-based company registered by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA), has partnered with Burrito Wallet, developed by a subsidiary of Bithumb, a leading Korean crypto exchange, to introduce South Korean users to the digital assets VNX Gold, VNX Euro, and VNX Swiss Franc, opening up exciting new opportunities within the crypto space. Notably, this integration will not only enable Burrito Wallet users to trade VNX tokens but also grant them access to the transformative Web3.0 world of opportunities.
VNX and Lambda256 Join Forces to Develop Global Security Token Offering (STO) Business
VNX, a European tokenization platform, and Lambda256, the blockchain tech arm of South Korean fintech leader Dunamu, signed a partnership aiming to jointly develop global security token offering business. This partnership brings together two industry players from Korea and Europe to offer customers services and access to security tokens and asset-backed tokens across continents.
VNX launches Europe’s first tokens referencing fiat currencies with an underlying gold base value
Users of tokenized precious metal platform VNX can now trade, deposit, and withdraw funds with crypto tokens referencing the Euro and Swiss franc on Emirex
VNX organise un événement exclusif pour les investisseurs coréens à Séoul lors de la Mission économique luxembourgeoise en Corée du Sud
VNX, la première plateforme européenne régulée d’investissement dans les métaux précieux tokenisés, a rejoint la mission économique luxembourgeoise en Corée du Sud organisée par le ministère luxembourgeois de l'Economie dans le cadre de 60 ans de relations diplomatiques, présidée par SAR le prince héritier Guillaume et conduite par le ministre de l’Économie François Fayot.
VNX hosts an exclusive event for Korean investors in Seoul on the side of the Luxembourg Economic Mission to South Korea
VNX, the first European licensed platform for tokenization of precious metals, joined the Luxembourg economic mission to South Korea organized by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy in the context of 60 years of diplomatic relations, chaired by HRH Crown Prince Guillaume and led by the Minister of the Economy H.E. Franz Fayot.
VNX Gold token now available on LBank, expanding global interest in gold-backed digital assets
Leading cryptocurrency exchange LBank, adds VNX Gold to its platform, becoming one of the exchanges to offer VNX’s asset-backed token tied to precious metals
VNX launches as the first European regulated precious metals tokenization platform
VNX launches platform with Ethereum-based tokens representing direct ownership of certified gold held in a Liechtenstein-based secured vault