VNX enables deposit, withdrawal and custody VNX EURO (VEUR) and VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF) on the Solana blockchain with Sygnum Bank - VNX
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VNX enables deposit, withdrawal and custody VNX EURO (VEUR) and VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF) on the Solana blockchain with Sygnum Bank

From today, VNX EUR (VEUR) and VNX CHF (VCHF) stablecoins are available for deposit, withdraw, and custody* on the innovative Solana blockchain at Sygnum, a global digital asset banking group.

By leveraging Solana’s high-performance network, Sygnum Bank clients can access additional fast, low-cost blockchain applications with enhanced crypto liquidity management. 

VEUR is the leading Euro stablecoin on the Solana network in terms of market capitalization, and VCHF is the only Swiss Franc stablecoin currently available on Solana. Providing regulated and convenient access to these assets not only benefits investors but also contributes to the broader adoption of stablecoins and blockchain technology across European institutional investor groups.

“The introduction of VEUR and VCHF by Sygnum Bank broadens the opportunities for European investors to transact in stablecoins referencing their local currencies, thereby reducing FX costs and providing a reliable tool for crypto transactions,” remarked Alexander Tkachenko, VNX CEO and Founder.

“Access to stablecoins is critical to the growth and success of the digital asset industry as they serve a pivotal role in bridging traditional finance with the benefits of blockchain technology,” said Lily Liu, President of the Solana Foundation. “Sygnum Bank is providing its clients with new use cases and access to this technology by enabling on-and-off ramps for these stablecoins in a secure and regulatory compliant way.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with VNX and leverage the capabilities of the Solana blockchain to offer our clients access to VEUR and VCHF stablecoins,” said Nestor Palao, Head of DLT and Corporate Clients at Sygnum Bank. “This reaffirms our commitment to driving financial innovation and empowering our clients to own digital assets with complete trust.”

About VNX

VNX ( is a European stablecoins generator licensed by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA). VNX generates stablecoins referencing two most popular European fiat currencies – VNX Euro (VEUR) and VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF) that combine advantages of traditional fiat currencies with the convenience of crypto, enabling quick, low cost and 24/7 accessible cross-border payments and opening vast DeFi opportunities with stable assets. VNX has also presented the first European gold-backed token – VNX Gold (VNXAU) that represents individual ownership of physical gold. VNX Gold provides the same benefits as investment in physical gold, such as store of value, protection against volatility and inflation, and high liquidity – with complete digital convenience and freedom. VNX tokens are multichain and currently available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Stellar and Q blockchains with more blockchains coming soon.

VNX tokens are available on centralized exchanges (BitStamp, XT.COM, Emirex, LBANK) and decentralized exchanges and applications (Raydium, Orca, Xave, Balancer, Kamino, Hawksight). 

VNX publishes independent auditors’ reports that confirm the value of reserves supporting the tokens on a regular basis as well as useful information about tokens in the VNX Transparency section on its official website.

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About Sygnum

Sygnum is a global digital asset banking group, founded on Swiss and Singapore heritage. We empower professional and institutional investors, banks, corporates and DLT foundations to invest in digital assets with complete trust. Our team enables this through our institutional-grade security, expert personal service and a portfolio of regulated digital asset banking, asset management, tokenisation and B2B services.

In Switzerland, Sygnum holds a banking licence and has CMS and Major Payment Institution Licences in Singapore. The group is also regulated in the established global financial hubs of Abu Dhabi and Luxembourg.

We believe that the future has heritage. Our crypto-native team of banking, investment and digital asset technology professionals are building a trusted gateway between the traditional and digital asset economies that we call Future Finance. To learn more about how Sygnum’s mission and values are shaping this digital asset ecosystem, please visit

* Available via the Sygnum ebanking portal on request