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Every token is backed by allocated physical precious metal. Use this tool to lookup the serial number and information about your precious metal.
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Digital Token – Physical Asset

VNX gold is an Ethereum-based token, representing your direct ownership of physical gold that is certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Each bar is stamped by its own serial number and linked to VNX Gold tokens, which you can buy, sell, or transfer at your convenience.

Why VNX Gold?

Since VNX Gold tokens are linked to an actual physical piece of gold, they offer the same benefits as gold, such as the store of value, protection against volatility and inflation, and high liquidity – with complete digital convenience and freedom.

Segregated storage in a high-security vault in Liechtenstein, a country with a stable economy, highest S&P AAA rating, and a member of the EEA.
Purchase or sale price is always the best price chosen from one or more gold dealers.
The token generation and all services in respect of the tokens are carried out by a company registered with the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) under the Tokens and TT Services Providers Law (TVTG) with full guarantee of ownership.

What Can I Do with VNX gold?

Hedge Your Investments
Avoid potentially massive losses during a market decline by investing in a reliable asset in a matter of minutes.
Transfer Your Gold
Instant worldwide transfers allow you to send your tokens to any Ethereum wallet and divide it into smaller fractions.
Preserve Your Capital
Gold historically preserves its value over time. With VNX Gold, you can instantly store your gold in a secured vault with full insurance from risks and zero storage fees.
Access Your Gold
You can always collect your LMBA certified gold directly from the vault or request delivery to anywhere in the world.

Why VNX gold is better than other gold investment instruments?

VNX GoldPhysical goldETF / ETCMetal account
Minimal investmentLowMediumHighLow
Risk of theft / lossLowHighLowLow
Pay in cryptoYesNoNoNo
Settlement timeMinutesDaysDaysHours
Transfers24/7 from anywhereNoLimited to hours of operationsNo
Physical deliveryYesN/ANoYes
Counterparty riskNoN/AYesYes
Effective costsStarting from 0.1% for issuanceN/A0.18-2% per annum0.25-1% per annum
Dependence on banking systemNoNoYesYes

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Store, buy, or sell your tokens, collect physical gold from the vault (min 1kg), or request delivery.