Precious Metals Allocation Lookup
Every token is backed by allocated physical precious metal. Use this tool to lookup the serial number and information about your precious metal.
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VNX and Lambda256 Join Forces to Develop Global Security Token Offering (STO) Business
VNX, a European tokenization platform, and Lambda256, the blockchain tech arm of South Korean fintech leader Dunamu, signed a partnership aiming to jointly develop global security token offering business. This partnership brings together two industry players from Korea and Europe to offer customers services and access to security tokens and asset-backed tokens across continents.
Why tokenized gold? VNX educational series
We are happy to announce that we've launched educational series, aming to provide you with cryptocurrency and blockchain educational content and help you get familiar with VNX products. Our videos will cover various topics immersing you in the world of crypto, starting with the first Episode on gold tokenization.
A pool that includes VNX Euro was launched on Curve
Curve, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX), has launched the first pool with VNX stablecoin. VNX Euro (VEUR) was added to a pool together with agEUR. So, investors can benefit from the best of both worlds: the security and transparency of centralized stablecoin, and the flexibility of decentralized stablecoin.
A lesson to learn: what does the SVB/USDC turmoil mean for the crypto industry
Now that some time has passed since the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the subsequent USDC price drop, we can sum it up and learn from it. There are already countless articles "why did that happen" and "will there be a full-blown banking crisis". But what are the takeaways for crypto investors and crypto market players (such as exchanges)? What valuable lesson should we all learn to make our crypto future better?
New Trading Pairs for VEUR, VCHF and VNXAU on BitForex
Starting from 14 March 2023, VNXAU, VCHF and VEUR are available for trading on BitForex in pairs with not only USDT, but also BTC, ETH and USDC, giving our token holders a whole range of new trading opportunities.
XT listed VNX Gold, VNX Euro and VNX Swiss Franc
We are excited to announce that VNX Gold, VNX Euro and VNX Swiss Franc tokens are now listed on one of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges XT.COM.
BitForex listed VNX Gold, VNX Euro and VNX Swiss Franc
We are glad to announce that VNX Gold, VNX Euro and VNX Swiss Franc are listed on BitForex, one of the most active cryptocurrency exchanges. Now BitForex users get a new set of stable digital assets to hold or trade with.
What is CeDeFi, and why it is the future of finance
CeDeFi offers the benefits of CeFi and DeFi without their shortcomings, writes Alexander Tkachenko of VNX. Here’s how it works.
VNX’s Recap of 2022
2022 has been an outstanding year for VNX - we have achieved so much in such a short period of time. We expect even more ahead, but before that, let's look back at the last 12 months and all that we have achieved.
VNX launches Europe’s first tokens referencing fiat currencies with an underlying gold base value
Users of tokenized precious metal platform VNX can now trade, deposit, and withdraw funds with crypto tokens referencing the Euro and Swiss franc on Emirex