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How to deposit funds to the VNX Platform

In order to be able to deposit funds on the VNX platform you must be registered on the VNX Platform, have an active account and have successfully completed KYC.

The client can top up the balance on the Platform in two ways:

  • by transferring money in euros to the platform;
  • by transferring cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

Let’s consider both.

Depositing of fiat

You may deposit funds by transferring fiat money to the bank details of the platform or with a bank card. The platform operates only in euro.

1. Depositing of fiat via bank transfer

Log in to your VNX platform account. Go to Wallet and press Deposit.

Select deposit type – Bank transfer.

Euros can be transferred to the platform bank account according to the payment instructions provided in the client’s wallet on the VNX Platform. 

SWIFT / SEPA payments usually support a conversion payment, which means that you make the payment in the currency of your account, and it is credited in euro. We recommend you contact your bank for the details of such a transfer and conversion in case the payment is being done in currency other than euro.

Important Notes

  • Minimum deposit amount is €20 per SEPA transfer. No maximum deposit amount.
  • Enter your EUR Deposit Code into the Memo/Notes field on your SEPA transfer.
  • Deposits are credited within 2 business days after they are settled in our bank account.

Upon receipt of funds in the bank account, VNX will reflect the corresponding amount in the client’s account on the Platform. The status of the deposit will be available in the history section.

Depositing of fiat with a bank card

Log in to your VNX platform account or create an account on VNX platform if you don’t have it. Go to Wallet and press Deposit.

Select deposit type – Bank Card

Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click Continue.

Enter your Visa or Mastercard bank card details and click Submit.

Deposit of cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH

The deposit of funds is possible in the form of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Please press the Deposit button in the crypto currency section.

Important Notes

  • The minimum deposit amount is 0,1 ETH / 0,01 BTC.
  • Your deposit may be returned to your wallet in case of violation of our AML policy.
  • Any unsupported coins sent here will be lost.

After depositing the funds, you may start purchasing VNX stablecoins on VNX platform: